Bucharest is the wonderful capital of Romania and is one of the many cities that attract a lot of tourist to go to it. Being in a foreign country might be a bit scary for some especially if it is your first time there. You can get to Bucharest through the Baneasa airport. Although there are lots of taxi cabs there, you should never get one from there because they charge at a very high rate than what they should have. Instead you have to walk about a hundred meters and flag your own taxi cab. You may also choose to get on a bus to get to where you want to go.

For those who are afraid of getting lost in this wonderful city and not being able to find your way home, you shouldn’t. The locals know how to speak English and it is widely used especially in the downtown area although it would still be best if you could learn some Romanian words.

Things To Do In Bucharest
There are many things you can do to Bucharest and one of the common reasons why people go there is to experience the nightlife that they have to offer. The Lipscani old town area was once a crumbling district but after renovations, repairs and constructions were done, it is now booming with Bucharest nightclubs 2015. With all the improvements, lots of bars, restaurants and nightclubs are put up and are now available for tourists to enjoy. This is one of the reasons why the tourist industry is booming in Bucharest today.

The music doesn’t stop at the nightclubs, you can enjoy more of the music when you go and visit Sala Palatului for the biggest concerts as well as gigs from local bands. There are local venues such as the Green Hours and the Art Jazz Club that gives the locals a chance to perform and wow the crowd. There are also theaters, opera house, and old buildings you can visit. Don’t forget the café’s and hotels that you can relax in at the end of the day.

During summer time, you can enjoy the black beaches that they have to offer, although many may not be impressed with it because they already got used to seeing what the Mediterranean and Caribbean has to offer. During the winter time, Romania boasts its ski slopes that can be reached by taking a train ride. There is also a vineyard in Dealu Mare that is just about on hour away from Bucharest. It is a great escape from the city where you can enjoy the Romanian wine.

Public transport is available in the form of a metro, buses, and taxi. You can go almost anywhere in Bucharest with the use of public transport that is why you don’t really need to rent out a car. Shopping is also an activity that can be done in Bucharest and there are a number of malls that has been put up. One of the things you have to know about Bucharest is its population of stray dogs. There are lots of stray dogs there but most of them are not aggressive but you still have to be careful about them.

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