There have been many horror stories reported about experiences people have under gone whilst moving but in most instances, those people have tried to move on just a wing and a prayer and did not make proper arrangements and certainly did not take adequate precautions. If you do not want to be one of these night mare stories when you move, do it with more than just a wing and prayer; think, plan and then execute. First you must find a reliable removal company especially if you are contemplating interstate removals. Certainly look on the internet but, once you have found a potential removal company to use, look at some reviews and ask for references. By checking a reference which is at least 3 years old, you ensure the company has been in successful business for at least 3 years and so is not a ‘fly by night’ one. Although the company’s truck may be insured, are its contents? If this is something that is offered as an optional extra, it is best to take advantage of it but if it isn’t offered, you may want to consider taking out independent insurance for your belongings during transit. You may want to enquire as to the company’s policy if for some reason you cannot meet the truck at the arranged time. There could be several reasons that could cause you to miss such an important event such as, the car giving you trouble during the drive from the old home to the new one. If this were to occur, would the removal company place your belongings in storage? If so where? How much would it cost to get them out of storage and once again delivered to your new home where, you would ensure you would be at the designated time?

Many people, although they take all the necessary precautions with the moving of their possessions, they neglect to give full thought to their own transportation. Although the journey may be hundreds of miles, they assume that their car, old or even new, will be up to the task. Of course, you may not give a drive of such distance a second thought when on vacation but, in those instances time isn’t usually such an important factor. If you are moving, you have probably arranged to meet the truck at the earliest possible time, that is only natural but, if you are driving in your own car and get some problems, mechanical or other, you could miss the pre-arranged meeting time with the truck. This could cost you only extra money at best or, at worst, a couple of days delay whilst you make arrangements to have the belongings collected from the storage facility and delivered to your home, with the added expense that that also incurs.

Thousands of people successful relocate every year and most of them do not become part of a horror story but, those that don’t, probably made good arrangements and took adequate precautions.

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