When it comes to weddings, we all expect them to have a gorgeous cake to cut at the end of the ceremony. This is something that a bride plans for and for some; it could be a very challenging task. Deciding on what cake to get is not easy because there are a lot of styles and flavours to choose from. If you are still confused on what kind of cake to get, then you can read on the following cake ideas to help you.

Themed Cakes

For those who are thinking of having a themed wedding, you can also base the appearance and flavor of your cake according to the theme you are into. It can be a Hawaiian themed wedding, a nautical one or even a western themed wedding. It’s really up to the couple to choose what kind of wedding they want to have.

Monogramed Cake

For those who want a one of a kind cake, you can choose to have a monogrammed one. This kind of cake lets you design the cake according to your names or last name. This cake can be simple or extravagant depending on the other designs that you want to add on the cake.

Colored Cake

Traditionally, wedding cakes are done in white or sometimes cream but today we can see wedding cakes that have vibrant colours. Some are even made of dark hues. The cake can now come in any color you wish. You can even ask for an ombre effect on the color of your choice.

Shaped Cake

We usually see a tiered round cake at weddings but you can steer clear from this if you wish to have a more modern and unique cake. You can have a cube shaped cake or you can ask for a specific shape and structure. It will also depend on the capacity of your baker to produce a cake that is unique yet sturdy.

Picture Cake

Instead of having an artistic drawing in your cake, you can also have your picture printed out on the cake. This edible picture can be placed on top of the cake so that the guests see your face in the cake. You can also have mini cakes that have a picture of you and your partner in it.

Flower Cakes

Realistic flowers can now be created with sugar and there are also some edible flowers that can be incorporated in the wedding cake of your choice. These flowers don’t only decorate your wedding cake because they are also very delicious and their flavor goes well with the flavor of your cake. Floral cakes are perfect for floral themed weddings and you also get to tie up your wedding theme with the flowers on the cake.

If you already have a cake in mind, go ahead and visit https://www.weddingbids.com.au/wedding-cakes-sydney so that you can find a baker who can produce the cake that you want for your wedding. They can give you quotes and you can talk to them through the site.

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