The AR 15 rifle was designed for use by the military in 1957 and has been in service with them since 1958. During that time the rifle has been shown to be versatile, precise and rugged, earning it popularity outside of just the military. Today this popular rifle is also used by law enforcement, hunters and gun enthusiasts throughout the world, prompting different manufacturers to develop a variety of different types, ones to suit all users. This has also of course, prompted many scope manufacturers to build scopes specifically for the AR 15 or adapt others to be used with it.

Best AR 15 Scope options today should not always be based on cost alone; a buyer should first decide what specific purpose they will put the scope to and then decide which scope to opt for. Many of the more expensive scopes can cost over $1000 and whilst being good, may be effective for a number of different situations, some of which may not apply to you. If this is the case, a cheaper scope may be just as suitable and effective for your needs. There are scopes that can cost as little as $70 and an example of this is the BSA Tactical Weapon Scope which although seemingly cheap, the price belies its effectiveness.

Often the military will spare no expense to ensure that their soldiers are equipped with rifle and scopes that will be effective and withstand the rugged use they experience during combat situations, yet the US Army uses a scope which costs less than $1000. The scope which the US Army uses and has proven to be effective in combat situations in both Iraq and Afghanistan, is the Aimpoint Comp M4 whilst other militaries around the world opt to pay less than $500 for their scopes and they too have been found to be effective for more than 10 years. The scope which many militaries choose at a price under $500 is the EOTech 512 which has also found favour with many law enforcement agencies around the world.

Sometimes the requirements of a scope for use by law enforcement agencies may differ from those needed by the military and so some police forces, apart from choosing the EOTech 512, may opt to pay more (but still less than $1000), for the Leupol VXR Patrol. This particular scope has the ability to be quickly transformed from a close quarter scope to a long range scope, a quality that police particularly like.

Although an excellent scope for precision marksmanship is the TrijiconAccupower, which can be bought for less than $1000, the Simmons ProSport costs less than $200 and has been specifically designed for hunters and so can provide them with the ability to successfully achieve their objectives. The Bushnell TRS 25 also costs less than $200 and is packed with features and is effective for rapid shorter range use. Also costing less than $200 is the Vortex Strikefire which has a red dot optic and provides good precision for its price.

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