All removal companies will of course charge you a fee and these fees may vary from company to company but for once, you may not want to opt to use the cheapest, instead you should be opting for the most reliable, after all, it is your prized possessions that you will be entrusting them with. You may of course not want to move everything; you may choose to place some items in storage. If this is the case then you will also want a reliable and safe storage facility. All the removal companies will know of the storage available in your area but it is most likely that the most reliable removal companies know the most reliable storage company and may even own it themselves. When looking for a removal company, it is recommended that you first look at some reviews and then choose what appear to be the most reliable. From there you may wish to ask several of them for removals quotes 2015 and only then make your decision as to which one you choose.

Removal companies and storage facilities often work hand in hand as, not only may a removal company be asked about storage facilities but they may also have to use them themselves. If someone you have entrusted to meet the removals van at your new address, at a certain time, fails to show up, that provides a problem for both the removal company and for yourself. It is very likely that if the person is just a matter of minutes late, the removal company may ignore the tardiness but if the waiting period is longer, it is well within their rights to charge additional fees for their service.

If the contact does not show up in time and the removal company decide they can wait no longer, it is then that they will make use of their contacts with storage facilities. The removal company will off load your belongings into a secure storage facility and leave them there, informing you of that storage’s contact details and address. In order for you to recover your belongings from the storage facility, you will first have to pay them any fees they may charge and of course, you will once again have to arrange for the transportation of your belongings from the storage facility, to your new home. Probably the vast majority of people opt to meet the removal truck themselves, relying on them being able to pass the truck on route to their new home but, accidents and mechanical problems do occur and if they occur to you whilst you are in transit between homes, you may miss meeting the removal truck. It is therefore necessary that you have the removal company’s number easily available and so you can liaise with them. Although this may not help in avoiding the company charging you extra, it may just avoid them taking your stuff to storage, if they know that you are going to show up.

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