In this day and age, if you truly wish to make some money selling an alcoholic drink, you could try producing moonshine or what many call white lightning. That’s because it is illegal in some places and the demand for it is high. The way that it tastes is so unique that many individuals worldwide who are avid drinkers crave for it. Although it may be challenging to create it, you could if you wanted to. Lots of brewers around the globe have managed to make their own batch. Even though you may have competition when it comes to selling this type of drink, you should if you’re interested in making money. When you also make moonshine, you could enjoy drinking something that is original. To produce it, all you need to do is to invest in certain things plus make yourself aware of the process of distilling moonshine. Aside from that, you also have to know how you’d be able to preserve it so that your customers would be able to have what they paid for. For some tips in making white lightning, please continue below.

Basically, the ingredients involved in making this beverage are corn, sugar, water and yeast. All that you have to do to make moonshine is to mix them all together correctly and extract the alcohol. To be specific, first of all, water and corn is mixed within a still so that corn would be converted to sugar. Sugar is added to the mixture of corn and hot water so that the fermentation process would hasten once yeast is added. After you’ve created mash, you should then have it subjected to continuous heat whilst stirring what you’ve made. That’s so you would make sure that nothing gets burned and that you’d make the most out of the ingredients that you’ve used. You have to make sure that the mash gets heated adequately so that alcohol would evaporate and later condense into pure alcohol. To extract alcohol, the mist should be directed to a container that has cold water through a tube. These are the things that are involved in creating moonshine. But, of course, there are certain things that have to be considered. Even though you’d be heating your ingredients, do take note that pests and even animals can contaminate it. You have to make sure that you use a quality apparatus before distilling anything. For you to find a great device for creating white lightning, you should look for moonshine still solutions on the web. On the internet, there are many established groups that supply stills to customers worldwide.

When you sell moonshine, make sure that you label the container where you’d place the drink. Why? That’s because it can be mistaken for water. It’s clear in color or transparent and that’s why you should put a label to it. Also, to be certain that you’d be able to continuously produce moonshine and transport the drink with the utmost safety, produce it where there is no fire or extreme heat present as alcohol is highly flammable and have it covered when you carry it.

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