Plastic chairs are becoming increasing popular and this can be a good thing. It is the fact that many of the top plastic garden chairs at least, are made from recycled plastic and the reason why this is good is because each single chair would have avoided a large number of plastic bottles being added to the piles of waste that are growing around the world. In 1960 only 1% of all waste was plastic but today, over 12% of all waste is comprised of plastic and the situation continues to get worse. Plastic certainly is a good material as it is strong, light and perfectly capable of being unscathed even after being in some atrocious weather conditions but it is too useful as it cannot be safely disposed of in any way that will not have a detrimental effect on the environment. Therefore if we continue to want to use plastic for bottles and other containers, we will have to find more than garden chairs to be made out of recycled plastic. OK, today there are a lot of garden furniture items that are made from recycled plastic but how much of our indoor furniture is? Could it be made from recycled plastic?

The answer is that very little of our inside furniture is made from recycled plastic but yes of course indoor furniture could be made from recycled plastic but if it was, would we buy it?

Although we probably wouldn’t we really should as by doing so, we would be playing our part in trying to save the environment. Obviously with the ever increasing number of plastic bottles being produced, the amount of plastic waste that is thrown away continues to increase and the environment will only be able to accept a certain amount before it shows detrimental effects. Garden furniture is ideal to be made from recycled plastic as the plastic is durable and therefore long lasting, it is weather proof, showing little if any damage if left in unfriendly weather and it is light and easy to move around from one shady spot to another. Recycled plastic, for the same reasons is probably also ideal for making furniture to be used on patios but when it comes to making indoor furniture, people seem to be in disapproval. It is true that recycled plastic furniture may look out of place in most living rooms but it can look elegant and suitable in other rooms in the house. There is a need for instance, for the bathroom furniture to be at least water proof, which recycled plastic is and wood is not really. The kitchen is a place where some elegantly designed recycled plastic furniture could right at home. Although the dining room may not be a place where you might think to place recycled plastic furniture, there really isn’t any reason why it shouldn’t be there, it is strong enough to cater to a person sitting down to eat a meal.

The real solution of course though is, we have to find more things we can make from recycled plastic or stop producing it.

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