With it lately being declared that Brighton was the happiest place to live in Britain, its population is likely to grow from the 400,000 the city of Hove and Brighton has today. Brighton only became a city in 2000 when the queen declared it one during the celebrations that year, after it having combined with Hove in 1997. This is a far cry from the fishing village which Brighton was in 1730 when the first visitors started to arrive. In those days the visitors weren’t interested in Brighton though, they came because Brighton’s 8 miles of pebbled beaches afforded them easy access to the sea which they though had mysterious healing powers. Although still little more than a fishing village, Brighton started to get more visitors as they arrived to catch boats bound for France but after the Prince Regent, prior to becoming King George IV, took enough interest in Brighton to build the Royal pavilion there. Rows of Georgian houses started to appear and Brighton soon became a thriving town. This town would then start to receive an abundance of day visitors from London after the railway was completed in 1841. Through the reign of Queen Victoria, Brighton grew still further with the West Pier and The Brighton Palace Pier being built as added attractions for the increasing number of visitors and hotels were being built like the Grand Hotel, one of Brighton’s most popular attractions even to this day.

Today Brighton’s estimated 8 million visitors a year are not just made of Londoners though, not even British as it has become Britain’s most popular seaside destination for foreign visitors as well. Much of this particular popularity is probably due to its location which is not far from any of London’s International airports and a budget Brighton cab to gatwick is very reasonably priced but, with plenty of public transport between the airports and Brighton, choices abound and for those that would prefer a little luxury and less inconvenience, even a chauffeured luxury car from Brighton to one of the airports is a reasonably priced expense. Although there are excursions into the beautiful Sussex countryside that surrounds Brighton, many people opt to use one of Brighton’s chauffeur services to take them through the country to visit one or more of the beautiful castles, forts or country houses that speckle the area. Although many of these castles and forts have historic interest, it is perhaps some of the public gardens alongside the large country houses that attract as many visitors. Whichever you may choose to visit, you will always be impressed by how scenic the countryside outside of Brighton is and will be glad that you took a day away from the beaches to experience and enjoy it.

With Brighton’s popularity continuing to grow and it being considered such a nice place to live, its future expansion is almost assured and that can only benefit any foreign tourists that want to experience a British seaside resort.

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